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White Mountain first began designing and manufacturing specialised Radionic Potentisers and other subtle energy devices in 1994 and since that date we have sent our products to customers in just about every country of the world. Medical Doctors, Chiropractors, Homoeopaths, Therapists from a wide range of disciplines, and ordinary members of the public have purchased our products and are using them to treat their patients or themselves.

Right now we would like to introduce to you two very special items, which we are making available to customers Worldwide. The two products pictured below are unique to us and cannot be obtained anywhere else, they stand as the highest level of subtle energy technology currently available, and so far a considerable quantity have been sold.


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The Combo Remedy Maker

This device was designed to provide the most number of options possible in remedy making in a small hand holdable device. Like the Voice Programmed Remedy Maker shown above this device also makes vibrational remedies from names of substances and descriptions spoken into it, but it also links to your computer and to the software we provide so you can input remedy information from your P.C or Laptop.

Vibrations are outputted to the stainless steel well on the front of the instrument, or to the vial built into the side of the instrument, or to an output jack which can be connected to an external plate for potentizing large amounts of carrier material all in one go.

Small enough to carry on your travels, ideal for both home use and in the professional practice, this device is sure to fill your needs whatever the circumstances.

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The Voice Programmed Remedy Maker ( Mk1 and Mk2 )

This device is the only full function Radionic Potentiser / Homeopathic Remedy Maker in the world which is small enough to fit in the pocket and so can be carried and used anywhere!

This little device can make literally thousands of different vibrational remedies from names of substances or descriptions spoken into it, which may include Homeopathic Remedies, Flower and Gem Remedies, even descriptions of illness symptoms, each device making the equivalent of at least $40,000 worth of Remedies, and this includes medications which would be impossible to obtain anywhere else. This device has been manufactured by us since year 2000, and a very considerable number have been sold.

Employing a complex subtle energy circuit designed by us, the device makes ANY kind of vibrational remedy or remedy combination from words or descriptions spoken into it, and these vibrations can be put into tablets, or bottles of water or alcohol or transmitted directly to patients for distant healing. For even more features including the ability to input information from your computer using our special software, please see our Combo Remedy Maker - shown above.

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