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I'm Gillian Lee, owner and manager of White Mountain, and the person who is responsible for everything you see at this web site. Since many people often ask me - how did you get into all this?, I thought it might be a good idea to put my story on the net. Hopefully I will not have to tell it again, for the fifth time this week!

I suppose it all began in 1973 when I moved to live in London from my home town of Scarborough, Yorkshire. Since I was looking for some kind of direction at the time, I spent a lot of time going to different meetings,and happened to come across Qabbalah. Like many people I found it confusing at first, but quickly adapted to this new way of thinking, and rapidly rose on the path, self-initiating from grade to grade, and taking in Bhakti, Karma, and Raja Yoga along the way. For a period of time I taught a group of people, all of which were Jewish, which is quite amusing, in a way, as I am not.

Later I got into Za-Zen Medition, and explored Hinduism. Though I am not one of those lucky people who are born with psychic powers, I quickly developed many abilities through the sheer intensity of my endeavour. The ability to see and feel energy, though my own body energy field, and particularly though my "Chakras", and the ability to control my own energy field in its polarity and vibrational rate.

Then one day I met a lady Homoeopath at a Health Show, and we quickly became friends. On a visit to her home, she showed me how she diagnosed illnesses, and how she made up remedies for her patients on her Radionic Potentiser. When I saw this device, I thought wow! - I want one of these!, but I was not so keen on the 550.00 Pounds price tag. I thought, perhaps if I look inside I might be able to see how it works, and then make my own, but as the whole thing was encapsulated in epoxy resin this was not possible to do.

Then I thought that with my knowledge of the nature of subtle energy, it should not be too hard to figure out how it works. Since I knew that all words contained power, I first set about making a very simple Potentiser based on a lens. The idea was that you would write the name of a remedy of a bit of paper, and using the lens focus the image of those words onto a glass of water, or some blank tablets. Since at the time I could not dowse with a pendulum, I had no way of confirming if I was successful. Consequently I had to again visit my Homoeopathic friend, who said no, these tablets were not potentised.

I could not understand it, as theoretically they should have been. Then I began to wonder if perhaps you had to alter the lens in some way. On an intuition, I just grabbed hold on the lens and said "I program this lens to be able to transfer potencies by light". Then I made some more tablets, and showed them to my friend, who this time confirmed that yes, they were potentised!

Though a series of experiments too numerous to list here, I soon found out not only how to potentise carrier material with a wide range of vibrational remedies, but how to program those remedies, and in fact all the necessary parameters that must be fulfilled to have total control over this not-so-subtle energy.

Then one day I met someone who asked me if I could potentise some Water Purifier Cartridges, so that one might have healing water coming out of them, and I answered, yes, no problem. Then I thought, if he is going visit me I had better make up some professional looking equipment for him to see me operating, as he will not be very impressed if he see's me simply holding a Cartridge!

This first White Mountain device was based on an Amstrad PCW, (a rather ancient type of computer) with some software that was written by a friend. A pickup unit placed underneath the monitor collected the vibrations that were tuned by the software, and I have to tell you that this device was so efficient and flexible I prefer to a IBM Compatible version of it even to this day. However when it became public knowledge that I had made this potentiser, I was immediately contacted by someone who said I had got to sell him one. I only told him 200.00 Pounds to put him off, but he said OK and I had made my first sale.

Then I sold a further six, and went on to make my second product, the Picture / Remedy Dispenser. Then I went on to make the Energy Copier, and later all sorts of devices like the Healing Spring, a water energising device, the Affirmator, for making affirmations easier, a Radionic Frequency Gernerator for experimental purposes, and some devices like the Geopathic Reverser and Room & House Harmonisers which are for dealing with electromagnetic Pollution and/or Geopathic Disturbances. Later came the Eight and Twelve Dial Potentisers, and the Voice Remedy maker, which I regard as the most sophisticated device I have ever built, incorporating the highest levels of subtle energy technology.

I am not Uri Geller and I cannot bend spoons, ( actually Uri tells me he is not into that anymore ) but I have to tell you that there are an awful lot of people around the world that know my products work, and I am constantly being told that this is the technology of the future.

To date (2006) White Mountain devices have been sold to customers in the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, France, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Greece, Israel, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Russia, Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, S.Korea, Malaysia, India, Pakistan, Australia, New Zealand, U.S.A, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Columbia, Chile and numerous other countries.

Regarding the future for White Mountain, I have at the present moment no idea exactly where it all will lead, as I am in many ways directed by the hand of God. White Mountain will definitely remain on the Internet, and you can look forward to more pages, products and information.

At the present moment I am based mostly in the United States and consequently not making the very large range of products I used to make. This is the reason for why many of the products listed above are not available on the web site to purchase. One reason is that I have found that it is much harder to find suitable component parts here in the U.S than it was in the U.K, where you can buy pretty nearly anything. I put that down to the U.S farming out most of its manufacturing to foreign countries, like China, which means that sophisticated components that would normally be used in manufacturing are just not available, or are very expensive.

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