Combination 1 Maker Package

If you want to be able to make and sell a range of White Mountain equipment, not just a single item, this might be the Maker Package for you. Included in the package is the Combo Remedy Maker and the Voice Programmed Remedy Maker ( Mk1 and Mk2 ), and you choose either the Potentiser for PC 2011 version, or the Energy Copier or the Mini Potentiser PCMK3. you choose which. Three Maker Packages for $18,000, a saving of $4,000 over buying them individually.

In the package you will receive all the information you need to build them, a tools list, a parts list for each device with suggestions on where to buy them, and the current prices from the suppliers, highly detailed step by step building instructions, with loads of high definition photographs, programming instructions, the software programs you would need and an Energizing adapter to use with your own computer, plus up to 3 years of after sales support.

All packages include non exclusive licences that allow you to sell the products worldwide at any price you like, to rename them to any name you like, and to use our instructions or product descriptions or you can write your own.

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