Contact Information


Sometimes one web server will blacklist another, for reasons of their own, and so it might not be possible to receive email from one of those listed servers. Because of this we have listed three of our email addresses below. We suggest you try number 1 on the list first. If you have sent email and not received a reply, please check your spam folder, perhaps our reply finished up in there.

White Mountain was previously based in London, U.K, but is presently based in Arizona U.S.A, should you wish to mail something to us, you should email and ask for our postal address.

Please note we are primarily an Internet based business and giving quotes for shipping an item to you is not something we can do over the phone, or give any information regarding the length of time for your order to arrive, all information of that nature is handled by email only.

If you want to make contact to ask complicated questions about the equipment, or discuss your order, or ask for a quote, all of those are handled by email only.


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