Delux Eight Dial Radionic Potentiser

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Deluxe Eight Dial Potentiser

White Mountain designed the Eight Dial Potentiser in 1999 and and after a period of time transferred all manufacturing and marketing of this item to Derek Talbot of Naturalpatient, which is now known as "Vibrationalmedicinedevices". The device is now manufactured in the United Kingdom by Paul Kennedy of Electre.

The device is fitted with an 8 dial Rates section and Potency selection facilities of 1 to 999 X, C, M, CM, MM and LM.

Also included is our unique power amplification system enabling remedies to be made with power levels of 0 - 250 units. To give you an idea of what is meant by units, Homoeopathic Remedies bought at a pharmacy have been dowsed and have been found to always contain around 30 units. You can think of this "unit" power as being something like Watts, (it is the amount of actual energy in the remedy)

As well as using this device to orginate Homoeopathic remedies, you can also use the device to copy any Homoeopathic Remedies, or in fact any sort of Energy Remedy.This Potentiser can also be used as a means to transmit remote healing to patients, simply by placing the remedy you wish to send in the Copy Well and a witness from the patient, such as a photograph or hair sample, in the Receive Well.

Unlike many other Potentisers of this type this device requires no electrical supply and so is ideal for use in countries and "third world" locations where there may be no mains power supplies and batteries may be expensive to purchase, yet this device can make any remedy in just a few seconds.

The Potency section includes a three digit multi-turn selector which can very quickly be moved to the setting of your choice, it also includes a locking lever to ensure your selection is not altered. The Rates section has eight dials each calibrated 0 - 10, with a blank space on each dial as a neutral position.

The Potentiser is supplied with a Rates book containg a large range of remedies, it is also supplied with an output lead and clip allowing vibrations to be fed to larger receptacles, for potentising material that is to big to fit in the receive well.

The deluxe Eight Dial Potentiser is also fitted with our famous "Lock" feature.

Many people have used Homoeopathic and Energy Remedies may have noticed that those remedies tend to fade with prolonged storage, and if stored next to strong smelling substances, or accidentally touched with the hand they may have lost potency completely. The "lock" feature on this Copier prevents this from occurring. This remarkable feature, developed by White Mountain and unique to us is brought into action by depressing a single switch for a couple of seconds, after the remedy has been made.

The overall dimensions of the device are 250mm long x 200mm wide x 90mm deep.

The Delux Eight Dial Potentiser is at the present time being manufactured by Electre U.K, and sold through the Natural Patient web site. To purchase this device or make any inquiries you should go

You can also email Derek Talbot at Vibrationalmedicinedevices: Click Here if you would like to ask him any questions or would like to place an order.

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