Information on Energy Levels

An explanation of comparative subtle energy levels and their significance.


Most people who work within the Homoeopathic and Radionic fields are familiar with the conceptof Potency, few are familiar with the concept of Energy level.

In the traditional sense of the word, potency relates to how dilute a substance is, i.e. how far away from the mother tincture, or how high in vibrational frequency, whereas energy level describes how much there is of it, rather like how many Watts. If you find this difficult to grasp, consider a situation where you have two pieces of Quartz Crystal. One is a tiny little piece, the other a massive chunk.The bigger piece radiates much more energy, yet both are the same type of Quartz. The vibrations are the same, the difference is purely quantitative.

In fact everything has varying amounts of energy within it, people also, and it can be measured in "units" with a pendulum. Units is a notation developed some years ago by Gillian Lee of White Mountain. Since that time, a great many people have come to adopt this form of measurement, and the concept of using units to measure spiritual / subtle energy levels.

To give you an idea of the levels involved, almost all Homoeopathic remedies bought at a pharmacy, or made on standard Radionic Potentisers have an energy level of around 30 units. Most Flower and Gem remedies that you might buy have an energy level of 25 - 32 units.

A small 58 grm chunk of Iron Pyrites might have an energy level of around 50 units, an 88 grm chunk of Amethyst might have an energy level of about 300 units. There is a distinct relationship between the amount of energy in something, and its mass, though the type of material also has to be considered.

The Energy Copier, previously advertised in these pages, could produce remedies up to 250 units, the Mini Potentiser PCMK3 up to 1,600 units, and the Healing Spring device Healing Spring puts out up to 200 units, though the effect of these on the water supply is cumulative.

Interestingly, the amount of energy in people can also be measured, and can be used as a means of assessing their spiritual development. (should one want to)

Those people who have a spiritual energy level of up to 60 units, ( and there are huge numbers of these people) have not undergone any spiritual development in this life to speak of. They are generally people who believe only in the material, though they may have some interest in going to church, even if its only to admire the architecture.

People with a spiritual energy level of 90 - 200 units show that they are beginning to take some kind of step in their development, perhaps they are searching for real meaning, and they may be exploring various cults or religious sects.

Those people with spiritual energy levels of up to 300 units show they have been involved in their development for some time, and may be working in some therapeutic field, or are involved to some degree in psychic research, yoga, or meditation.

People with a spiritual energy level of up to 800 units are very committed to their spiritual development, and are probably followers of some form of path. They know where they are going, and they may be giving teaching or guidance to others.

Those people with a spiritual energy level of 900 - 1,600 units are few, and are those working specifically with energy and the higher levels of consciousness.

When Moses came down from Mt. Sinai with the Ten Commandments, he was radiating approximately 35,000 units. A biblical source stated that his skin "shone" with radiance.

In fact there are a number of personal energy levels that can be measured, the Spiritual, previously mentioned, the Mental, the Emotional, the Physical, and the Psychic. In each person the balance of these energies vary, according to their degree of spiritual development, their mental control, their emotional release, their physical fitness, and their psychic development and ability to visualise.

Even more interestingly, these levels can be varied at will, using an affirmation. However, please be careful, as there are dangers in doing this. If you suddenly increase your levels, you may find that you become very sleepy, or that you have so much energy that you cannot sleep. If you increase your physical energy level in a large jump, you may suffer body pains. If you want to experiment, first dowse your levels, and increase the appropriate level/s by no more than 25%. If after 5 days you feel OK, you may increase by another 25%. If on the other hand you feel tired, sick, dizzy, or suffer insomnia, put it back to what it was originally, and you will just have to up your levels the conventional way!

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