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Order Quotation Fee


Applicable to complex orders - for example many items going to different addresses, and for customers who repeatedly request a quote but do not buy.

Everytime a customer contacts us asking for a quote for their order, we have to first determine exactly what it is they want and where it is going to be sent to. We have to add the value of their order together, subtract any discounts, and work out what the best insurance value would be, as this depends on the country the order is being sent to.

Then we have to calculate the weight of their order, including the weight of the packaging, and check what the shipping costs would be to the customers address. Finally we have to type up all the information and put it in an email, and create an order through Paypal linked to a Paypal button in an email.

All of this can take as much as 30 minutes, and 2 hours for a long and complex order, consequently we are now imposing a Order Quotation charge of U.S $25.00 which is discounted off that order when you place it.

If you want to avoid uneccessary expense and wasted time for all concerned, please don't ask for an order quote if you dont intend to buy!


To pay the order quotation fee via Paypal, please click the button below.
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