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Radionic Potentiser for P.C
2011 Version


Potentiser Base Unit

The White Mountain Radionic Potentiser for P.C is the perfect device for the user who wants to input remedy information from their computer, and have the ability to save that remedy information for recalling at a later date.This latest version features a lower profile design, but even larger stainless steel wells, that are 68mm inside diameter, the dimensions of the instrument being 220mm x 110mm by only 45 mm deep.

The Potentiser also contains an "Energy Memory" which can be switched into the circuit, enabling remedies that you have created on the Computer to be stored within the hardware, and then be broadcast continually to a patient after the Computer has been switched off. The Energy Memory also has a bypass switch which enables other remedies to be made on the system without affecting vibrations stored in the Energy Memory, and an Erase function is provided to clear the Energy Memory when you have finished with whatever was stored in it.

Recently updated with new software for P.Cs (sorry Mac users) the software we presently supply works with Microsoft Windows (2000/ME/XP/7/8/10) and we are now making this new system available for customers to purchase.

The way this system works is that a small transmitting "Pickup Device" is attached to the side or front of your Monitor, (on the edge) using a peice of Velcro, this beams the vibrations tuned by the Computer and Software to the Hardware which we supply. The process that enables the communication of information and vibrations by this method involves the use of "Twinning" which is not unlike the technique used in Radionic Broadcasting.



Designed to be user friendly, making any kind of remedy couldn't be easier, just call up the Potentiser screen, type in the name of the remedy required, or the Rate, or just the word "COPY", select the potency you require ( X, C, D, M, CM, MM, LM ) and power level information for amplified remedies, set the timer period for 3 - 30 seconds, place your blank tablets, glass of water, or whatever in the Receive well, press ENTER on the keyboard, and your remedy is ready.

If you wish you can then "program" that remedy with specific qualities, actually "shape" your remedy to fit your requirement, and then Lock it into the carrier medium so that it will never fade, or lose potency, even if touched by the hand or placed next to strong smelling substances.

Screen shot of central controls - you can change background color - potency, power, timer period, add multiple remedy combinations, auto save, manual save, jump to Color remedy, Program remedy, or Lock remedy pages!

Alternatively if you wish to make a multiple remedy, with lots of different "ingredients" and with a range of different potencies, this can all be done in one operation, using the Potentiser screen, by entering the remedy information into the four data fields. Without any difficulty you can create and mix Flower, Gem, and Homoeopathic Remedies, both with and without Homoeopathic Potencies in the time it takes to type the information in, plus a few seconds potentising time.

In addition a record of the remedies you have used is automatically created on the computer in notepad, and this is stored in the same folder where you placed the Potentiser.You can also make permanently saved copies of your remedy combinations, and easily recall them at a later date.

Built into the system is a Readme File which is accessed from the Potentiser screen, here is all the information you need to use the system, with useful information for making Remedies.

Shot of central controls - built in Color Remedy Generator

The keyword here is flexibility, if you prefer to use rates, no problem, just type your rate in, you can even type in frequencies and waveforms, and discover a whole new world of therapeutic possibilities.

The Complete Potentiser Package Consists of the Following:

Hardware unit with Copy and Receive wells and vibration routing circuitry, input and output jacks, and Lead and clip to feed vibrations into larger recepticles, plates etc, plus Software on CD Rom. None of the Hardware requires any batteries or other electrical supply as the system is designed to utilise and manipulate free Universal Energy which comes from the infinate source. (You will of course still need electricity to operate your Computer)

Total cost of this package is U.S $550.00 plus shipping.

Note: If you loose the Transmitting Pickup that comes with the system, not only will you not be able to use the system but you will have to return the Hardware to us to have a new input fitted. Alternatively you can purchase a Spare Transmitting Pickup (at time of purchase only) for an additional U.S $16.00.

The Potentiser for P.C Base Unit is fitted with an input jack. We are able to supply a special Pickup Sensor which can be connected to this jack, which is able to "pickup" vibrations from pictures and photographs it is placed on, these vibrations then may be stored in the device or transmitted directly to patients for distant healing. Pickup lead is 15 inches long to alow placement on books etc.

Pickup Sensors are priced at U.S $28.00 each.

Additional Lead and clip that you can use to connect a large dish to the input of the device, for copying the vibrations of objects too large to fit in the copy well. Priced at $10.00 each.

The first version of the Potentiser for PC using a very low cost case.


The second version updated with a higher quality case


Read Potentiser for P.C Instruction Leaflet: Click here

Note: This device cannot make Medical Drugs. It will make any Homeopathic Remedy, in fact any kind of vibrational remedy. No claims are made that the device can cure any specific illness, but in the hands of an experienced practitioner the device will prove invaluable. If you have no previous experience in using vibrational medicines, some books on Homoeopathy are recommended.

Warning: Medical Drugs can be damaging to the health, and cause serious side effects, even death.

Device & Web Page Copyright January 2008 Gillian Lee


Potentiser for PC 2011 Maker Package
Guide Price $6,000 - $7,000. Construction difficulty level 6.

With many of our customers this has been a firm favorite with repeat sales. With the right promotion it could be a big seller.

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