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Guarantee and Repairs


General Product Guarantee

All products purchased by customers from White Mountain are covered by a full money back guarantee if returned to us in good condition* within one month of your receiving them. This does not include any shipping costs that were involved in sending the products to you, or in returning the products to us.

In addition any device becoming faulty within one year of purchase will be replaced or repaired free of all charges for parts and labour, although postage charges may apply.

After one year repair charges and postage charges may apply.

Devices sold by us may only be repaired by us or our authorized agents. Devices that are repaired or altered by other parties become excluded from our guarantee.

* In good condition means free of scratches or other damage in re-saleable condition.

Repair Problems

We use high quality components so they dont usually fail on their own, but it can happen that through an accident that something will go wrong with a device and that device will need some kind of repair.

Magnetic caused problems

Devices are very susceptable to adverse magnetic conditions and precautions should be taken to keep all our devices well away from permanant magnets, electromagnetic fields, and geopathic problems. The easiest way to shield the devices from electromagnetic fields and geopathic problems in the home or office is to store the items in a sheilded case, such as a steel toolbox or cabinet.

If your product seems not to be working and you beleive that the device has been exposed to magnets, electromagnetic fields or geopathic problems, then you will have to send the item back to us to be re-programmed. With some devices this may involved removal and rebuilding of the internal circuitry, and if your device is outside of our guarantee period, it could prove an expensive repair.

Component problems

The parts mostly likely to fail are the toggle or push switches used in our devices, as these items can under rare circumstances be affect by corrosion, or if the device is dropped and it falls on a switch, or if a heavy object is dropped on the device, it could cause one of the switches to stop working.

Sometimes this can be fixed by pulling the toggle of the switch away from the case ( using a lot of force ) and this can pop the switch mechanism back into place. If this does not work we are left with two options:

1. You can send the device back to us, and if you are located in the United States this is the recommended course of action.

2. If you are not in the United States then there is a possibility that we can send you a Programmed Switch plus instructions, and you can put it in yourself, or with the help of someone else. Just putting in a switch you bought at Radioshack isn't going to solve the problem because all our components have special programs in them to make them work.

The person doing the repair must be good with a Soldering Iron, and have a Gas Powered Iron, they must not use an electric one, because electromagnetic vibrations from the iron will stop the device from working. The person will also need a small 8mm wrench to remove the nut from the switch, they will also need a small ( crosspoint / phillips )screwdriver so they can take the back off the case.

Replacement with the new programmed switch we have sent you will involve unsoldering the connections to the switch, and removal of the nut on the outside of the case. Replacement with the new switch and resoldering connections. We will send further instructions where applicable.

Battery or Beeper problems

Most of our devices do not use any electronics, but the Voice Programmed Remedy Makers and the Combo Remedy Maker do, and sometimes certain problems can occur with these devices. The Push ( record ) switch can develop corrosion on its contacts especially if you live in a humid location, or next to the sea. This can be remedied by pushing the button in and out repeatedly to clear the corrosion.

If you find that the push ( record ) switch will not operate properly and will not make a beep when you let it out, or it sort of half beeps, then you can solve this problem without having to send the device back to us for repair. Your will need a screwdriver to take the back off the case, and a pair of small Long Nosed Pliers

What you need to do is get hold of the contacts that are connected to the Red/Orange and Black wires, and pull them towards the battery, in the direction of the yellow arrow, as shown in the picture below:

Getting at the contacts is quite tricky, but sometimes they will only need to be moved a fraction in order to solve the problem.

If you have adjusted the contacts and / or you find that the remedy maker will not beep at all with either the push switch or the make switch on the front of the case, it could be that you either need new batteries, or there is bad contact to the batteries. Try moving the batteries a bit, rotating them, this may solve the problem. If this does not you may need to buy a new pair of CR2016 batteries.

The Batteries are installed one on top of the other, with the + side facing upwards. It is true that taking the old batteries out and putting the new ones in, is a bit tricky. The best way is to use a fingnail or a metal pointed tool, like a penknife, and slip it under the top contact and lift it slightly, whilst at the same time prising the top battery to one side with another tool. The aim is to slide the batteries out sideways. New Batteries are also inserted by sliding them in sideways.

Other problems

Most of the the other parts are very unlikely to fail unless very roughly treated. The Plastic cases can withstand being dropped on the floor, and the other controls are very rugged, so they unlikely to fail. The devices are not designed to be imersed in water and it could happen that damage could occur because of this, please notify us if you have this or any other problem not mentioned above.


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