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If you do a search on the web for the word Radionics you will most likely find lots of pages devoted to the history of the subject and mentioning people like Abrams, Tansley, or Reich, and whilst this historical background may be very interesting, it really isn't go to be much use to you if you are looking for some equipment to purchase.

You will also find web sites claiming to be the world leaders in the field, and many sites offering equipment at incredible prices, but you will certainly not find any web sites telling what is the difference between different types of equipment, unless you continue to read what we have written below:

We are aware that there is considerable misunderstanding of how Radionic Devices are made, many people beleiving that in all cases there is nothing inside the box and the devices only work if you beleive they do. The purpose of this page is to cut through that misconception.

Generally Radionic equipment can be divided into three distinct categories:

1. Psychometric Circuits These are devices which depend on the belief of the operator to interconnect the circuitry. Such devices may have banks of rotary switches with which are used to input a Rate (a series of numbers which are directly analogous to a remedy or illness) and other mechanisms to input potency information, in most cases the components are not wired to each other, and there certainly would not be anything within the box that could be described as a conventional circuit.

Unfortunately it is Radionic equipment of this type which has caused the widespread misunderstanding of what Radionics is about. The problem is that "modern" logical minded thinking demands that a device which is used to heal should operate independently of the operator when in this type of equipment the operator is a vital part of the circuit. The operator connects together (through their thinking) the different components of the device with the patient being treated. From this point of view, the way the device looks on the control panel is of paramount importance.

2. Geometrical Technology. This is the largest category of equipment presently used and involves devices which consist of a collection of electrical components all of which are wired or soldered together in something that could certainly be described as a circuit. Not an electrical circuit, however, as Radionic equipment are not electronic devices, but circuits designed to channel and manipulate subtle energy.

3. Energy Programmed Technology. This is the technology pioneered by White Mountain which makes the construction of incredible devices possible. Circuits can be designed using components to direct energy, the energies being fed down wires or printed lines via switches to metal resonators, each individual component being programmed through a Computerised Radionic Potentiser to tell the energy in that component what it is supposed to do.

Consequently it is possible for example to tell a Potentiometer that it is a Power control, or a Range Control, or a Potency Control, or any other type of subtle energy control operating within predetermined parameters according to the program that has been fed into it. In addition all manner of component parts may be selected according to the type of material they are made from, for example what type of metal, or according to its mass or its geometry and then programmed to fulfil a seemingly impossible purpose, which it will then proceed to do with very high efficiency. Components to be programmed can then be arranged in a circuit which is pre-designed on paper with such accuracy that it is possible to write the instruction book for the new device before the first prototype is built!

All White Mountain devices contain complex subtle energy circuits with wired and soldered connections. None of our devices depend on your healing ability or belief to make them operate, they will work fine even if you think they don't!

Too cheap?
It is a fact that if you look on the web for Radionic Equipment you will most likely find equipment being sold, often with descriptions you never heard of, for huge amounts of money, upwards of U.S $2,000.00. This is because some manufacturers beleive that customers will pay anything if they want the equipment badly enough, and I have met people who have told me they bought equipment from other manufacturers for $5,000.00 and it didnt work!

We beleive that the most important thing is that you can afford to buy our equipment, and we do not beleive in excessive profit making. This is why our equipment is so resonably priced, not due to any lack of quality or efficiency, in fact we take great pride in the effectivness and the appearance of our devices, which are made with great care and in a peaceful environment.


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