Recommended Reading

Title Author Publisher

Healing with Radionics. A.L.G Dower Thorsons

Report on Radionics - Science of the future Edward Russell Thorsons

Radionics Interface with the Ether Fields David.V.Tansley C.W.Daniel Co.Ltd

Dictionary of Bach Flower Remedies T.W.Hyne Jones C.W.Daniel Co.Ltd

Vibrational Medicine Richard Gerber Bear & Co 1988

Earth Radiation Kathe Bachler Wordmasters Ltd

Crystal Healing Edmund Harold Aquarian

The Mystic Crystal Geoffrey Keyte C.W.Daniel Co.Ltd

Radiation John Davison C.W.Daniel Co.Ltd (1986)

Geopathic Stress Jane Thurnell-Read Element Books

You Can Heal Your Life Louise L.Hay Eden Grove Editions

Exploring the Subconscious using the New Technology M.G Hocking Phd CMC Ltd (25 Lexham Gdns, London W8 5JJ)

The Seven Levels of Healing Lilla Bek & Phillipa Pullar Rider

The Organon of Medicine Hahnemann Gollancz

Classical Homoeopathy Dr Margery Blackie Beaconsfield

Boerickes Materia Medica with Repertory William Boericke M.D B.Jain Publishers

The Tao of Physics Fritjof Capra Fontana

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