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Skeptics, Randi, and other closed minded behaviour


Websters New Collegiate Dictionary:
skep-ti-cism, 1.an attitude of doubt or a disposition to incredulity either in general or towards a particular object.

After manufacturing and selling our revolutionary radionic products for over 12 years, we have very recently come under attack by some known and unknown self professed skeptics who without any real knowledge of our products, have suggested they are fake and that we are cheating people etc.

Often, from their comments, it is obvious they never even bothered to read the web page they are criticizing!

Our products work and they are absolutely genuine. We make no attempt to mislead, in fact we make it very clear on our web site what these products are.

At no time have we ever coerced anyone to make a purchase. In fact if we know a better way of dealing with the customers problem, we suggest it, even if that means not making a sale. We offer a full money back guarantee if anyone is not satisfied, though in 12 years of business we have only had to return money a very few number of times, and this was because the purchaser changed their mind before receiving the product.

The fact is some people have the disposition to disbeleive anything new or outside of their understanding, like the people who insisted the world was flat, and that if one travelled to far one would fall off the edge, or the people who in the early days of steam who beleived that if trains exceeded 20mph the occupants would surely be killed!

I know that nothing I say or do is going to change the attitude of people like that, a great many who also think that Homeopathy is also fakery or just plain woo-woo, in spite of the fact that this form of medicine is used daily by huge numbers of people worldwide, 100 thousand million people in India alone, (10% of the population) also by the Royal Family in England, and by the Prime Minister and his wife, and in countless Hospitals and surgeries throughout the world.

We don't feel we need to prove or justify anything, our products work and we have thousands of satisfied customers, many of which are busy using our devices to save lives right now, or using these devices to improve their own wellbeing.

If you are one of the skeptics, all I can say is I am very sorry for you, and I hope one day that you will choose to open your eyes. In the meantime don't bother to email me with your abusive and childish comments as your emails will not be opened and read.

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"When you're one step ahead of the crowd you're a genius.
When you're two steps ahead, you're a crackpot."
-- Rabbi Shlomo Riskin (Feb. 1998)

so what if you are five steps ahead?
-- Gillian Lee (Aug. 2008)


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