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This version of the White Mountain Energy Copier is made and sold by Zeb Khan who is based in London, U.K, using the information we have provided to him. If you wish to place an order, please contact us and we will forward your email to him.

The Energy Copier is in fact a multi-purpose instrument for making Energy Remedies, copying Energy Remedies, and for the remote treatment of patients. Built into a small case measuring aprox 192 mm by 118 mm by 60 mm deep, this attractively designed instrument features two decent sized "wells" around 65mm diameter, a variable power control, and a function switch. The device is also fitted with an output jack to connect to the Lead & Clip that is supplied.

With this device you can make your own Gem, Flower, or Herbal Remedies if you have the Gems or Flowers to use. You could for instance easily make remedies from any mineral specimens that you have, a fresh flower petal, dried Herbs or flowers, Aromatherapy Oils, or even a piece of coloured paper if a colour remedy is what you want. Whatever vibrations you have selected can then be placed into bottles of alcohol or water, into unpotentised Saclac or Sucrose tablets, or even directly into a finger.

The power control, mentioned above is variable between 0 and 250 units and since most Homoeopathic Remedies bought at a pharmacy rarely have more than 30 units you can see that this device is quite capable of making remedies up to eight times more powerful than any you could buy. (units are different to potency - it is the amount of actual energy in the remedy) Using this facility you can amplify the power of remedies made on standard Radionic Instruments. You can also use the device to copy any Homoeopathic Remedies, or in fact any sort of Energy Remedy, and the copies that you make will retain whatever potency they originally had, though you can increase their power level as described above.

The Energy Copier can be used as a means to transmit remote healing to patients, simply by placing the remedy you wish to send in the Input Well and a witness from the patient, such as a photograph or hair sample, in the Output Well. Many of our customers have purchased Energy Copiers for this purpose alone, and there are a great many patients who owe their present good health to this use.

The Energy Copier is also fitted with a "Lock" feature. Many people have used Homoeopathic and Energy Remedies may have noticed that those remedies tend to fade with prolonged storage, and if stored next to strong smelling substances, or accidentally touched with the hand they may have lost potency completely. The "lock" feature on this Copier prevents this from occurring. This remarkable feature, developed by White Mountain and unique to us is brought into action by depressing a single switch for a couple of seconds, after the remedy has been made.

The remote treatment facility can also be used as a means of transmitting a protective energy field around a particular person, if a suitable written "program" is placed in the Input Well and a hair sample from the person to be protected is placed in the Output Well. Our instruction sheet gives advice on how to write suitable programs.

The Energy Copier Copier is fitted with an output jack and we include with the device a lead and clip so that you can feed the output into larger receptacles, for potentising material that is to big to fit in the receive well. The lead generally supplied is 40 inches long, and is fitted with a heavy grade clip.

None of these devices require any battery or mains supply as the energy they require is supplied by internal resonators which will never run down. All Copiers are guaranteed for 1 Year so long as the case is not opened and internal components interfered with.

The Energy Copier is priced at 380.00 ( plus Shipping )

To place an order please contact us and we will refer you.


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