The Geopathic Reverser


Unfortunately sometimes Homes or Offices are built over negative Energy Spots in the ground. These spots can occur for a number of reasons, such as disturbances caused by the Hartman Net or the Curry Grid, or interactions between the two, or as a result of upward energy flows from deep underground being turned negative as they intersect underground streams, polluted or otherwise, or some other obstruction which contorts their flow.

Whatever the reason, these negative energy spots can be very difficult to deal with, and may cause a wide range of physical and psychological disorders including Headaches, Dizziness, and general disorientation, digestive problems, Allergies, susceptibility to infection and the inability to concentrate.

The WHITE MOUNTAIN GEOPATHIC REVERSER is specifically designed to deal with these negative power spots, by reversing their energy and making them positive, within the 40 foot treatment circle of the instrument. This is adequate for most houses and flats. For larger buildings several may have to be used.

Our Geopathic Reverser has been tried and tested by many of our customers and has been found to perform considerably better than the more widely known electrically powered devices which are usually used for this problem, (Many of which sell for more than three times our price). In fact our customers often contact us to let us know ,e.g. that they have begun to use rooms in their house that felt too uncomfortable before to even walk into, and had noticed the alteration in atmosphere within only 10 minutes of placing the reverser in that room.

To use the instrument is placed as near as possible to the centre of the building to be treated, preferably on the ground floor or basement, although high rise apartments can also be treated however high up the building.

The case of the instrument contains specially energised and programmed mineral crystals which interact with the negative energies coming up from the ground, thereby making them positive and beneficial. The instrument requires no electricity supply, and will never run down, as long as the case is not opened and crystals removed.


The Reverser is available at the price of $150.00 plus shipping and is guaranteed for one year.

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