• Uri Geller was kind enough to send me his autographed photo (right)
    click on it to go to his web site. Of course many people think his spoon bending is a fake, but I really don't know, but it would be nice to beleive it really is Telekinesis.

  • Homoeopathic supplies Need unmedicated tablets or pills, and bottles to put them in?

  • The Homoeopathic Supply Company If you live in the U.K this is the place to buy your blank unmedicated tablets, and your vials and bottles.

  • Sugar Craft Save money by potentising uncolored Edible Cake Decorating Beads.

  • The Universal Currency Converter
    Click here to find out the price of any of our products in your particular currency.

  • Whatever Will Be A site for explorations, investigations, studies and debate, by George McNamara, with a really interesting links page.

  • Radionic Research Institute The Radionic Research Institute explores and implement innovative methods and technologies in the use of Subtle Energies to enhance the quality and longevity of existence for all beings.

  • Biophysica Consultants on Alternative Medicine, Energy Medicine and Subtle Energy related devices of a preventive and non-invasive nature.

  • The Radionic Association was founded in 1943 in Britain to train and serve as the professional body for qualified radionic practitioners and to provide a forum for others (Associates) who wish to learn more about this fascinating science. It holds lectures, conferences and other meetings and publishes a quarterly journal.

  • Natural-Health Useful Information on weight loss and diet supplements. They say that they provide you information on medicine, health issues and natural products. An informative web site.

  • Boericke's Materia Medica
    A very useful place to find the Homoeopathic Remedy you need.

  • Homeopathy For Health.
    Resource for homeopathic kits, remedies and books. Search for a remedy or look in our 24 health categories for remedies for children, men, women, allergies, pain etc. Personal email answers to health questions. Online Consultations. Free email newsletter.

  • Aum Himalaya Sanjeevini Essences
    I met Dr Atul Shah and his wife Rupa many years ago first in London and then again when I visisted them in Mumbai, he bought from me the one of the very first Potentisers I built. His products may look quaint, but I am sure they are highly effective.

  • The UK Complementary Therapy and Therapists Guide A free directory for complementary therapists and alternative medicine providers, information about holistic health and alternative medicine.

    White Mountain Mutual Links Rules: We frequently get asked by various organisations if we will agree to placing a link to their web site in exchange for them placing one back to us. Our condition is that their web site must be in some way ON TOPIC, that is doing something that relates to subtle energy, or Healing, but not something like over the counter drugs or Multi Level Marketed Vitamins.

    In addtion we ask that the Link you place back to our web site be easily found, and not hidden away amongst hundreds of other Links in some unrelated category. Provided these conditions are met we may agree to a mutual link assuming we agree with the content of your web site!