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An Introduction to build them yourself
Maker Packages


Maker Packages are intended for people who want to build and sell our equipment themselves. They are not Kits for making a few for yourself or your friends, they are a complete technology transfer of all the information you need to be able to make the same devices we sell ( or have sold in the past ) for as long as you want, potentially hundreds or thousands of these devices. Not only that but you are free to sell them for any price you like and even call them something else if you want to. Neither is it a license, you don't get to use it for a while then have to pay again at a later date, its an outright one time sale.

We supply highly detailed building information, parts lists, names of parts suppliers, tools list, and the equipment you need to energize the devices you build to make them work. You also get unlimited after sales advice if you need it. Whilst the cost of the packages may seem high, considering how much money you can make from using them, the Maker Package price is actually a tiny outlay that you would get back very quickly once you get them in production.


For people who have been using our equipment throughout the years we have no need to persuade any one that our products work and are highly effective, that is a given, and is widely known, though admittedly we have never given out very much infomation about how they are made. Consequently, in order to introduce our Maker Packages some background information is being provided here, to give you an idea of what is involved.

No doubt if you search the internet for information on Radionic equipment you will find lots of web site claiming that its all fake and the boxes don't do anything and don't contain any circuitry. Whilst that might be true for some other manufacturers, our devices do work and contain complex subtle energy circuits, sometimes electronic circuits, and always complex energy programming of all components to make the equipment work.

All of the products can be made in the average home workshop, and do not require any expensive equipment - for each product we provide a list of recommended tools and pictures that show what they look like - and if no workshop is available it is quite possible to set up a manufacturing operation in a spare bedroom, or even part of a room that is normally used for other purposes. These devices are made out of parts that are readily available from Electronic Parts Suppliers, with some additional components being sourced from Hardware Stores. Ocasionally some parts might need to be custom made by local metal workers, and sometimes parts might need to be ordered from packaging suppliers.

In the main, equipment is first manufactured, or "built", as I like to say, by first customizing enclosures by trimming them and cutting holes, and assembling wells, switches, input output jacks into these holes, then building a circuit inside according to the function that the particular device is designed to perform. Tools used for this are a Soldering Iron, Hot Glue Gun, and a range of small hand tools. Many different types of glue are used in the assembly process. When the device is finshed being built, it then has to be "Energized" to make it work, using special Energizing equipment to feed programs into every component to tell the energy in that component what it is supposed to be doing. This is akin to the "structuring" of water that can be acheived using prayer or affirmations.

For programing the devices you build, we have been able to develop a new energizing system that runs on your own computer in the internet browser, compatible with Windows XP, 7, 8 and 10, running in Google Chrome and later versions of Internet Explorer, also compatible with Apple Safari, this system is energetically coupled to a small adapter using a Transmitting Pickup mounted on the edge of the laptop screen. The Adapter is electromagnetically sheilded thanks to being built into a diecast aluminum case, and the whole system alows the programming of a very large range of devices, so long as the appropriate Maker Package has been purchased.

Energy Programs now are "open source" so that you can see the wording of the program we have provided. In addition, if at a later date you wanted some variation, a minor modification perhaps in the programming, we could email you the replacement program, or you could alter it yourself without much difficulty.

If you have already purchased one of our Maker Packages, and have the Adapter box, and you want to buy another Maker Package, we can arrange for you to download all the information and programs from our web site without needing to send anything to you in the post !

Javascript Programmer running on a Asus Laptop


Description of Maker Packages


Each Maker Package contains the following items:

Complete List of Tools and Consumables that you will need to use, which includes pictures of each item so you will know what they look like.

Step by Step Building instructions, also with lots of details and high definition pictures, including a Circuit Diagram to help you make the product. Some packages will also contain a sample of the product that you can look at and copy from.

Parts list with specifications and suggested sources in the U.S, U.K and Europe where possible, which includes part numbers and present prices.

One Adapter Box which is electromagnetically shielded, which works togther with your own Computer to energize the equipment you build and make it operational, plus all the programs you will need to run on your computer, programmed in Javascript, which runs perfectly in Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

Step by step instructions showing how to energize the equipment you build.

Some Maker Packages include sets of components that you can use for manufacturing your first consignment.

The cost of shipping the goods to the buyer by Courier service is included in the price of the sale.


Creating and preparing all the information necessary for technology transfer on each product is a huge amount of work and can take up to three months to acomplish, and therefore we much charge something comparable to that amount of work for each package. In addition, these packages are sold specifically for those people who plan to make and sell equipment, ( and make a very good profit doing so ) so what seems like a substantial outlay to buy the information, in the long term is actually a very small investment. Consequently, Maker Packages are being offered in the price range of US $3,000 - $15,000, with no further royalty payments or fees to pay.

Purchasers of Maker Packages are free to sell the equipment they make world wide, for any price they like, and to use any descriptions or names they wish to use. They are also free to use the same information that we have used to advertise the products on this web site, and to use the same operating instructions if they so wish. We are also happy to advertise the products you make on this web site, and all orders will go directly to you. All purchasers of our Maker Packages will also receive unlimited technical support.

If you are interested in taking up this opportunity, and know which device you would like a Maker Package for, you are invited to contact us so we can discuss terms and arrangements. Note: There are many devices that we have made and sold in the past which are no longer displayed on this web site, such as the Room Harmoniser, the Healing Spring Mk2, the Picture Remedy Dispenser, the Affirmator, and the Mini Eight Dial Potentiser, and all of those could be available as Maker Packages.

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