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Mini Potentiser PCMk3


This device was designed for the benefit of users who liked the Combo Remedy Maker, but don't want to have a Voice input function, so it works as a Radionic Potentiser for PC, but does not include the other functions. Other modifications included are a larger output well that is now 40mm inside diameter, and the use of a built in Pickup Sensor so that no separate Transmitting Pickup is required, all of this in in a smaller case that now measures only 5 inches x 2.6 inches x 1 inch ( 130 x 65 x 25mm )

The software has been tested and works well in all versions of Microsoft Windows, including Windows 10, this device being designed to make remedies from names or descriptions typed into the software that is supplied and run on your own computer, this software plus the hardware serve to synthesize remedy or treatment vibrations, this dynamic process does not require that the software receive updates, and can make any vibrational remedy that you know or can imagine !

These include a Homeopathic Remedy, an Energy Remedy, or the description of an illness plus potency (an Energy Programme), it can also make color remedies with its built in color remedy generator, and it can save information on whatever remedies or treatments you created onto your computer in text form, so that it can easily be re-loaded back into the program at a later date to be used again.

Vibrations are outputted either to the small stainless steel metal well that is fitted on the top of the instrument, for making tablets or bottles of liquid remedy, or they can be transmitted directly to a patient for distant healing. In addition vibrations are outputted to the jack of the side of the case, and a lead and clip is provided to connect to your own metal wells or containers in which larger quantites of material can be placed to be potentised. In addition the COPY function is retained through the use of a Pickup Sensor with is supplied, and of which you will notice in the picture.

This Pickup Sensor is able to "pickup" vibrations from pictures and photographs it is placed on, these vibrations then being converted into remedies by the PCMK2, or transmitted directly to patients for distant healing. This pickup can also be placed on bottles of remedy, so that the vibrations can be copied to make more of the same remedy, or the potency can be altered as the user wishes. With this new device no battery is required for its operation, instead the device is operated only by free orgone energy which will never run down.

Screen shot of central controls - you can change background color - potency, power, timer, add multiple remedy combinations,
auto save, manual save, jump to Color remedy, Programme remedy, or Lock remedy pages!

Screen shot of Programme Screen

Screen shot of Color Remedy Generator

The device comes with detailed instructions, Computer Software on CD Rom, Output lead and clip, and a Pickup Sensor to provide the Copy Function.

Also included as a free gift is a selection of White Mountain's favorite music mp3's, many of which are impossible to obtain anywhere else.

To read Mini Potentiser PCM3 Instruction Leaflet in English: Click here

The Radionic Potentiser PCMK3 is priced at $500.00 plus shipping.


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Note: This device cannot make Medical Drugs. It will make any Homeopathic Remedy, in fact any kind of vibrational remedy. No claims are made that the device can cure any specific illness, but in the hands of an experienced practitioner the device will prove invaluable. If you have no previous experience in using vibrational medicines, some books on Homoeopathy are recommended.

Warning: Medical Drugs can be damaging to the health, and cause serious side effects, even death.


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